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My Story

Me as any other Human

I really love to learn, I always have, I can define myself as a learner, that's my nature and one of my passions. But now I do it from a different place, I do it because I really enjoy to learn and to feel my brain, my body and my soul working together. But before it was a completely different story... I wanted to learn to be "better than" the person next to me, because be better would bring me the feeling of importance that I didn't feel by just being myself.



One of my obsessions used to be to do things, always, to pleased everybody, to do what was needed in order for my family, friends and coworkers to love me. I was a top performer in my work, I was giving everything. But one day it was enough, I was coming back from work at 11 pm, driving exhausted, really tired and I decided I couldn't do it anymore. Something had to change. I wasn't happy, I didn't want to spend my life in an office.


As I was looking for how to reconnect to myself and to find my purpose, Life gave me what I was asking for, FEELINGS. Just feelings, I felt sad, lost, happy, exhausted, loved, angry and peace. Why? I discovered another dimension of life. My dad died and my two kids were born. And in the process of loosing my dad and becoming a mother I realized that what I was craving was to feel at peace with my self, just being ME. And there's where my journey as a Coach began.



These days life is gorgeous, it is not that everything is perfect, but that I see in every challenge in my life an OPORTUNITY to define myself, to be who I DECIDE TO BE. I'm based in Florida, USA and I spend my days being with my family, doing yoga, breathing consciously, working out, enjoying my body, cooking, enjoying nature, having amazing conversations with extraordinary human beings, learning and supporting people DECIDING who they want to be.  

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