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My Story


I’m a human being that loves to learn. Nowadays, I’m experiencing this adventure called life with my husband Juan and my two children, Santiago and Rebecca. I grew up in Mexico City with my parents and an older brother.

I was very blessed with my parents, they were really loving and they gave me extraordinary opportunities to experience the world from different perspectives. They sent me to summer camps and trips by myself since I was very young. The first one that I remember was when I was 8 years old and they sent me to a 2 week camp to a small town in Mexico. Then I did summers in Toronto, Cambridge, Florence, San Antonio and Seoul. The last trip they gifted to me was a 6 month internship in Milan. I felt really empowered thanks to those adventures. I was able to explore and discover different sides of myself. But then I decided it was time to settle down and started to work in the corporate world.

I joined a multinational corporation for six years and slowly I started to doubt myself, I wasn't happy anymore, I didn't feel empowered or motivated. Something needed to change.

Our Work Together

You are playing safe.

You have lack of motivation and vision.

You are burnt out from work or daily life.

You are not dreaming anymore.

You don't know who you are.

You don't know how to find you.

Something is missing... Maybe your Legacy or your Peace or your Freedom.

We work together to EXPLORE and FIND what you want deep inside. DECIDE who you want to be.

Who would you be without all those self limiting believes?

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